Melodies of Living – OR 87

OR 87 Book review and connections to my research project

"There is a unique way in which each of us lives through our life: how we understand it, what sorts of questions we face, how we interpret it, how we make our decisions. [The book: Melodies of
Living] has the ambitious goal of giving one possible account of what makes people’s life trajectories so unique, yet human in a shared world" (Zittoun et al., 2013, pp. 1–2).

" […] we have at heart to account for the uniqueness of human life – each person’s melody. We believe that to account for uniqueness, we have to show how people make sense of what happens to them" (Zittoun et al., 2013, p. 2).

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Ongoing Reflections, November 2013, jean-marie nau

78 OR Collaborative Learning & Collective Decision Making

Teaching Lëtzebuergesch as a second, third or fourth language (SLA) to adults motivates me to seek appropriate learning tools. Ideally this should be the topic of collaborative learning techniques for adults in SLA. As I have been able to look through the handbook for college faculty (Barkley, Cross, & Major, 2005), I will outline some points that I value and have discovered.

78 OR Collaborative LT.pdf