Specialization in education for development – Co-operative assignment – The research Path of Renewal

February 2011

Professor Ronnie Lessem

Dr. Alexander Schieffer

Students: Anca Vijiiac, Cécile Dupire, Diana Alves, Jean-Marie Nau

1. Context and perspectives

This is a project about transformation. The first task towards « transforming universities » was to form small groups (3 or 4 people) taking into account our similar interests, which should be the main criteria for the group constitution. The idea of putting together Anca, Cécile, Diana and Jean-Marie for this project was based on several aspects. It had to do specially with our interests concerning our projects for the MA-Thesis, which are linked with our perspectives on the world:


  1. Context and perspectives
  2. Narratives
  1. Anca Vijiiac
  2. Different or similar, Cécile Dupire
  3. The story of how my project was born, Diana Alves
  4. Learning, Jean-Marie Nau

Why is this project important? Foundations of the project The project itself – Connection between the master we are enrolled in and this project FUNDAEC: a notion of transformative action Co-operative Inquiry/Effecting Participatory Research 1st meeting Remaining questions References If you are interested, open the pdf document.



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