Seeking advice and direction

Hi, i wonder who could be of some assistance to me as I am doing a Master at the university in Luxembourg called: learning and development in multilingual and multicultural contexts. Our courses include ethnography, learning theories (like situated learning, self-directed learning), activity theory, discourse analysis, postmodern education, cultural psychology. I wish to focus on some aspect of the Bahá’í collaborative study circles that promote social change. And so I look for a suitable research question and research methodologies that are accepted. What can I expect from this study? I have been inspired by Paul Lample’s book Revelation & Social Reality, the work of FUNDAEC with Arbab, and the work by Michael Karlberg.
As a new student of 48 years, taking up studies, it’s quite overwhelming but fascinating, being able to question things we may take for granted. Let there me no misunderstanding. After 25 years of being a member in the Bahá’í community, I felt a strong need and opportunity to look at this religion with ‘academic’ eyes, so as to try and make whatever small contribution to existing knowledge, get a better understanding how this religion seeks to transform society and bring this phenomena into academic discourse.
It seems that a face to face chat for such matters is very useful, but social media has allowed me to get in touch with others interested in the field.
Thank you for any advice.

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