Buddism and the Bahai Writings – An ontological Rapprochement

As I’m trying to understand –Ontology-, this research gives some interesting insights and explains well the ontological approach. You may download the paper and I’ve included the conclusion.

On the basis of this survey of major issues in Buddhist

ontology, we conclude that while genuine differences between

Buddhist and Bahá’í ontology exist, on a significant number of

the most fundamental issues, they agree and that on others

where there is no outright agreement, there is convergence.

Ontologically speaking, the two religions differ more in

emphasis, on what they choose to elaborate, than in basic

ontological doctrines per se. That is exactly what we would

expect from the Bahá’í teaching that differences among

religions arise not from their foundational principles but from

the time and circumstances of their revelation.200 Our findings

thus support Bahá’u’lláh’s teaching on the “fundamental

oneness of religion.” (PUP 175)

Kluge Ian-Buddhism and Bahai Writings.pdf


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