Research topic:

The Bahá’í community, multilingual, multicultural, a case study

Core idea:

Analysis of tools used to promote change and move from one social order to another.

Choice of data:

– Selection from the corpus of 23 video recorded interviews of participants at a regional weekend seminar on the theme: non-violent communication within the family. (include a picture with activity)

– Selection from the Ridvan Message 2010, by the Universal House of Justice, highest Bahá’í governing body. (include short passage)

Main focus:

– How members of the Bahá’í community translate the Ridvan Message and incorporate it in their daily practices. (how learning takes place)


Comparison of data found in interviews and text data.

Theoretical framework:

Discourse analysis, (Ridvan Message) activity theory, (explain briefly) cultural psychology (level 4 hypergeneralisation, VALSINER, explain briefly) ethnographic description where the Bahá’í Faith is situated.

Possible outcome:

Strategies used, remaining challenges (elaborate), new findings during analysis

Ps: I’m fully aware that this needs quite a bit of input and help in order for the project to be well grounded. Thank you for any help possible


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