Classroom teaching

Regard each student as a noble person maybe the main focus of a work where this value influences and guides my teaching activities. It may be considered the level 4, hypergeneralized field sign.

In classroom activities

– I use freedom spaces to allow students to share their knowledge, (yoga du rire, juggling, dancing, singing, painting, etc.) competences in a field with the rest of the class, including myself;

– I allow key participants, (it may the participant that is doing being the clown) to take over temporarily my space. S/he serves as a focus point for expressing and I would direct the groups attention to this happening;

– I use humour to allow the sharing of funny cultural situations, to laugh at mispronunciations, misunderstandings, where the group can benefit from a relaxed and open space that creates new and unexpected situations; joke telling serves as a way to verify oral comprehension. Jokes may also be in participant dominant languages (why do some people cover their ears when they go to mass? Parce-que Jesus Christ (crie)). I have a collection of jokes that do make fun of people in general and situations, taking out specifics nationalities, like the Belgium. I also make fun of Luxembourgers.

– I will try as much as possible to be outside the classroom, on the field, where the target language is used and applied. I will bring the participants in contact with elderly people in an old people’s home, visit the cemetery, participate in a fire practice and small theatres where it is possible to speak to the actors. The criteria for selection are that the participant can be take responsibility for their learning and put it into practice.


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