January 2010 update

3 months in the ma-multilearn program, I thought it useful to have another look at the

objectives of the program, the desired learning outcomes. Here some passages from article 12:

Student will develop in and through the program dimensions of academic research and applied research on subjects in relation to central themes of the study program. This way, the candidat will develop a subject of work and applied research, in conceiving and putting into place a theoretic and methodological framework of this work, sa mise en place empirique et analytique, sa redaction et sa soutenance at the end of the process.

It is useful to look at the 4 areas of study:

The Master – Learning and Development in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts programme takes a learners-as-researchers approach combining case studies with a transdisciplinary exploration of the following four domains of interest:

· ADI: activity, development, interaction. The individual development through activities and social interactions within evolving cultural contexts;

· LLL: Language, Learning, Literacy. The development of language(s), plurilingualism and literacy;

· MID: Media, Interaction, Design. The role of media (e.g., Information and Communication Technology) and mediation in processes of learning and development;

· DIP: Discourse, Identity, Policy. The interplay of identity, discourse and the politics of language and education.

Regarding my personal interests and beliefs, I started to read relevant Bahai inspired material, BIC, Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity, Paul Lample,

I have started to take notes on the paper Science, Religion and Development, Some initial considerations, prepared by the Institute for Studies in Global Prosperity.

p. 1. New models of life , far reaching in their capacity to release human potential, … A re-examination of the prevailing patterns of social and economic development is required.

The approach of social and economic progress to which the materialistic conception of life has given rise is not able to lead humanity to the tranquility and prosperity which it seeks.

New development concepts and models are needed.

A great majority of the world-s peoples do not view themselves simply as material beings responding to material exigencies and circumstances, but rather as moral beings concerned with spiritual awareness and purpose. … mainly economic and material criteria now guiding development activity must be broadened to include those spiritual aspirations that animate human nature.

Civilisation itself does not arise mainly from material progress, but rather is defined by and founded upon the ideals and shared beliefs that weld society together. What uniquely defines human experience is the transcendent component of life.

p.7. Social advancement springs from the creation and dissemination of knowledge.

Educational methodologies are, in the main, falling short of releasing and cultivating human potential.

We’ve just returned from a few days in Paris, visiting librairies and relevant institutions and participating in a mini-colloque at the university in Paris 8, St Denis. I intend to write a short report on the experience. The pictures I’ve taken, can be seen here:



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