Ma multi-Learn update on my possible case

Yesterday we had an interesting session with Pr Ziegler and Pr. Max. We were able to present our projects, thoughts about reality on separate tables in three dimensions. For the first time, we got a good view of our cases. As we are now preparing ourselves to present our cases in Paris very briefly, 6-7 minutes, it was a time for me to reflect upon whether or not I should stick to my initial kick off case about courtesy or rather move to a topic that is closer to my heart and more pertinent and timely; the process of learning and development; a Bahá’í approach. Therefore, I am eager to use the next weeks to prepare myself with the necessary tools, to come up with a manageable project, taking into consideration as much as possible what I had the chance to learn over the last 3 months. I feel excited about the prospect and of course it is a challenge for me. But I’m sure that it will be worthwhile.



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