Time Management by Randy Pausch

My thanks goes to Geanina for letting me know about this.

Author: Randy Pausch, watching a video about time management. 87 minutes http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-5784740380335567758#

Here some key elements from the talk: it’s all about fun, be good a metaskills, why am I doing what’s on my to do list, what’s the goal, what will happen if won’t do it, to the right things adequately rather than doing things right. A list of a hundred things to do in my life and the question: if I’m not doing the things on my list, why I am concentrating on the others. (a nice way to frame things) Regarding household management for instance, he stresses the fact that we should look at this in relation to the time we spend with our family, rather than the budget we have. Walt Disney says: if you can dream it, you can do it. Randy goes on to say: failing to plan is planning to fail. He than mentions Covey’s 4 quadrant ToDo model: important and due soon or not due soon; not important and due soon and not important and not due soon.

During the remaining 40 minutes, I felt a bit stressed, as he talked quite fast. It is touching, how he includes his family in the talk, and the fact that he has cancer and probably only has 3-6 months to live. Throughout the talk, he stresses the importance to treat people with dignity and respect. Overall, it was worth watching the presentation and the recognition he received from the university and the listeners. Time is all we have, are his finishing words. They bring me to other thoughts, namely, that we only have so much influence on the amount of time given to us on this planet. Whatever small contribution we are able to make to those surrounding us, to those we interact with, is valuable, especially if the contribution advances us on our path to carry forward an ever advancing civilisation. And then it is a matter of belief and rational thinking, that there may well be another life after this life here. At least one parable helps us visualise this next life. Ask me.



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